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IT Support Engineer

Video Demonstrations

resolving various types of Support Tickets 🎫 and service requests 

IT Support Tickets -

Demonstration Videos

> Onboarding a new employee
> Managing access permissions
> Resolving a login issue

> Hardware Upgrade: hard drive installation
> Setting up a shared network printer
> Resolving Blue Screen of Death error

> Installing and configuring software – using Group Policy
> Resolving a virtual machine error

> Troubelshooting network: No Internet Access
> Setting up VPN access for remote user
> Resolving browser issue



Windows 10/11

Windows Server


(Ticketing System)


Hyper-V / VMware



(Remote Support)

Active Directory


Access Control


Knowledge Base /


Microsoft 365 Support Tickets -

Demonstration Videos

> MS Teams: Troubleshooting audio issues
> OneDrive: Collaboration setup / documentation
> SharePoint Online: Managing site permissions

> Troubleshooting mail flow: unable to receive messages
> Configuring email security rules

> Preparing a device for Autopilot deployment
> Setting up Intune device 1 (compliance policy)
> Setting up Intune device 2 (app deployment)

> Automating M365 user management
> Setting up MFA sign-in for user (smartphone)



Microsoft 365 logo (2022)


Office 365






for Work





Support Documentation 

providing clear and concise Support Guides 📋 for common technical issues

Tech Projects + Support


Training User to Login to their Accounts – with the Password Manager (BitWarden)

I produced this video walkthrough for a client, whilst implementing a password management system for their online accounts and training them on how to use it.

The video demonstrates how to use the Password Manager’s browser extension, showcasing the handy feature “auto-fill,” to automatically fill in the user’s login details when landing on the “Sign-In page.”


Helping User to share Project Files – and Collaborate with Team Members on OneDrive

I created this guide in response to a support ticket, integrating the AI tool: Scribe – to speed up the process of developing professional-looking support guides.

The Support Guide details the process of project collaboration, which involves granting a Team Member access to their OneDrive files, and assigning specific permissions such as View Only, Can Edit, Set Password.

Customer Ticket Reply Message Instructions for Fixing Microphone Issue in Microsoft Teams

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Training Users to Login to their Accounts with Password Manager (BitWarden)

I created a video walkthrough for a client while implementing a password management system for their online accounts and training them on how to use it.

The video demonstrates how to use the Password Manager’s browser extension, showcasing the handy feature “auto-fill,” to automatically fill in the user’s login details when landing on the “Sign-In page.”

App Screenshot

🛠 Tools & Technologies:

  • System: Windows 10/11
  • Virtualization: VMware
  • Remote Desktop Support: TeamViewer
  • Video Conferencing: Zoom
  • Documentation: AI Tutorial Builder, Video Editor, MS Word, Notepad
  • Security: Password Manager (BitWarden) – 256-bit AES encryption

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📝 Full Project Details

Implementing a Password Management System for Client Devices

👤 Client Background:

  • The client is an elderly person with limited technical experience, running an independent paralegal business.
  • They’re integrating digital tools to improve efficiency, with password management being a key concern.
  • Frustrations include remembering multiple passwords and security risks of storing them insecurely.

App Screenshot

⛔ Problem Statement:

Challenges the client faced in managing passwords included:

  • ❌ Difficulty in remembering multiple passwords
  • ❌ Time-consuming and error-prone manual entering of passwords
  • ❌ Security risk of storing password hints on note files across devices

💡 Solution:

I chose BitWarden, a password manager, offering:

  • ✅ Centralized password storage
  • ✅ Auto-fill functionality
  • ✅ Cross-platform compatibility

App Screenshot

💻 Implementation:

📋 Assessment/Preparation:

  • Simulated the client’s environment using VMware for a trial run.
  • Ensured all features were functional before deployment.

🔧 Installation/Configuration:

  • Installed remotely using TeamViewer and Zoom.
  • Provided timely responses to all requests and questions.

Powershell command to install Bitwartden

winget install BitWarden.BitWarden

🎓 Training:

  • Created a video tutorial using AI Step Recorder.
  • Included voice narration, subtitles, and timestamps.

App Screenshot

📊 Results:

Benefits for the client:

  • 👍 Enhanced workflow and ease-of-use
  • 👍 Improved security
  • 👍 Increased self-reliance

🎉 Conclusion:

The client expressed satisfaction with the Password Manager solution, appreciating its ease of use and positive impact on their daily work.

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Proficiency in Microsoft Cloud Services

to provide technical support for clients, using:

  • Microsoft 365 applications (Outlook, Teams, SharePoint)
  • Azure cloud services (VMs, networking, storage, Entra ID)

to implement best practices for managing cloud infrastructures, with:

  • security mechanisms (RBAC, NSG, MFA, Encryption)
  • monitoring tools (Azure Monitor, Network Watcher)
  • backup & recovery services (Azure Backup)

Creating Support Documentation

for End-Users/Team members

to improve learning retention with:

  • cloud-hosted, “how-to” user guides
  • instructional walkthrough videos

to reduce common support requests through:

  • detailed, resolution ticket notes
  • concise troubleshooting instructions
  • knowledge sharing with Team members

Integrating AI & Automation Tools

to develop scripts/flows for:

  • automating user management operations
  • quickly diagnosing system issues
  • simplifying routine, administrative tasks

to produce training materials for end-users, including:

  • ai – annotated, user-friendly guides
  • ai – simulated, easy-to-follow video tutorials